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10 Amazing Health Benefits of Bananas

As an instant boost to energy, banana is a choice for all because of its year-round availability. Bananas have amazing health benefits. Banana is a rich energy source and a source for many nutrients. Banana consumption softens your digestion, maintains your blood sugar level, and checks your excessive consumption.

Bananas can reduce blood pressure and the risk of cancer.

This article discusses the potential health benefits bananas which can be compared with coronary heart health improvement and promotion.

Health Benefits of Bananas

Listed some of the possible benefits of eating bananas.

1. Bananas help digestion

Bananas contain water and fibers, both promoting regularity and stimulating digestive health. A medium banana provides about 10% of the fiber a person needs for one day.

The high amounts of banana fiber allow food to move smoothly through the digestive tract and flush heavy metals and toxins out of the body. It acts as a prebiotic, that stimulates the growth of friendly bacteria in the intestines. Banana is rich in pectin, a fiber that supports digestion and facilitates constipation. Pectin is a major source of soluble fiber in bananas, which makes the feces soft and bulky and promotes smooth bowel movements. Bananas are therefore preferred to laxatives for the treatment of constipation.

It also a part of a BRAT diet approach recommended by some doctors for the treatment of diarrhea. Bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast are call BRAT.

Diarrhea can lead to water and electrolytes, like potassium, being lost. These nutrients can be replaced by bananas.

2. Bananas a good source of Instant energy

Bananas are a better and faster energy source. Banana’s abundance of vitamins and minerals is an important natural energy source. You will get an hour of calories from eating two bananas a day.

It also protects you from muscle cramps during training. Banana antioxidants also accelerate recovery after training. Simple banana sugar provides energy immediately and regulates the blood sugar level. Eat bananas daily to get your daily dose of energy.

3. Bananas may prevent Stomach ulcer

Bananas help increase mucus in the digestive tract. According to alternative medicine research and chiropractor David williams, D.C., can help cure or even prevent stomach ulcers.

Protease, a banana compound, protects the stomach against unfavorable bacteria causing gastrointestinal problems. It encourages cell proliferation, which spreads the mucosa of the stomach and acts as a stomach acid barrier.

They contribute to reducing irritation of the digestive system. By laying a protective layer around the inner walls and make it a natural way to promote intestinal health.

Since they help neutralize acidity, they are also an excellent way to rid themselves of heartburn. They serve as a natural antiacid and quickly calm the burn.

4. Bananas help to control Depression

Bananas contain little tryptophan, an amino acid used to stimulate serotonin production. The “good hormone,” when combined with the natural banana vitamin B6, so you feel happy.

It also regulates sleep patterns. Banana is a good snack for work-stressed people. Every night a banana can help you get a sound and quiet sleep.

5. Bananas improves Bone health

The high concentrations of potassium in bananas prevent calcium loss in urination and keep the bones healthy. It prevents the bones from quickly diluting.

6. Pregnancy

The soothing effects of bananas make this a perfect fruit for pregnant women. It is an excellent fruit to fight morning sickness and to restore a healthy level of glucose.

It contains several essential nutrients that work together to develop the fetus correctly. In addition, Eating bananas help to regulate pregnant women’s body temperature.

7. Bananas for Heart Health

One of the most important health benefits of bananas is to maintain a normal heart rate. Bananas include fiber, potassium, folate, and antioxidants, for example, vitamin C. Regular banana use reduces the risk of stroke and regulates blood pressure in order to encourage cardiovascular health.

Banana potassium helps maintain normal heart function and prevents heart diseases such as a heart attack and heart attack. Pectin, a soluble banana fiber, reduces bad cholesterol without damaging good cholesterol in the body.

It also lowers blood homocysteine levels and prevents the formation of cholesterol deposits. It is also a blood thinner that prevents blood platelet clumping, thus reducing the risk of sunlight and artery disease.

8. Vitamin B6

Banana is a good B6 vitamin source with a recommended 20 percent daily value. For red blood cell formation and non-essential amino acids, vitamin B6 is necessary. Brain chemical products are also known as neurotransmitters.

In certain studies, B6 can reduce symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), according to the National Institutes of Health’s Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS).

9. Bananas may help to fight Cancer

Laboratory studies have shown that lectin, a banana protein, can help prevent development of cell leukemia.

Lectin is an antioxidant. Appropriate antioxidants can aid the body in the removal of free radicals. If too many free radicals develop, there can be cell damage that can lead to cancer.

10. Benefits of bananas for Weight Loss

Banana is a low energy food that supplies less calories, mainly because it contains extra bulk of calorie-free water and fiber.

A medium banana has 100 calories and 13 grams of resistant starch. carbohydrate that keeps you full over a long time. Smelling bananas can actually suppress appetite by making the brain think that you don’t have hunger. Banana tryptophan reduces appetite and helps with weight management. A very good way to include banans for weight loss. Is it not? Is it not?.

What is a banana diet plan for weight loss ?

The health benefits of bananas include weight loss. The banana diet is one of the easiest diets for weight loss and is also called “Asa Banana Diet.” It was introduced by Hitoshi Watanabe. Following the recommendation of his wife, lost nearly 40 pounds. The food gained prominence in Japan by claiming that eating bananas and drinking water at room temperature can help you lose weight. Whatever you eat for the rest of the day. The dieter can eat as many bananas as it wants with room temperature water in this diet. This diet is certainly not the fastest diet to lose weight, but one of the healthiest.

Diet rules:

  • one or more bananas must be eaten for breakfast. The banana must be crude, uncooked, and unfrozen. Don’t forget to drink water for bananas.
  • Between meals, you can eat more than one banana, but no other dessert is allowed. By eating fruit, you can satisfy your sweet tooth.
  • For lunch and dinner, you can eat anything, but avoid eating fried and oily food.
  • Dinner before 8 p.m. is recommended. After dinner, you can’t eat anything and have to go to bed at midnight.
  • Dairy products and alcohol during this diet are strictly prohibited. Room temperature water is the only drink. Water should not be chilled or hot at room temperature.
  • Training is not mandatory, walking and jogging are enough during this diet.
  • Don’t skip breakfast and don’t try to avoid food.
  • Before each meal, eat 1 to 2 bananas. You can eat anything you want while eating 2 bananas before each meal.

Sounds like good fruit, right? Try to add it regularly to your diet and see the difference.

Summary – Health Benefits of Bananas

The health benefits of bananas are far greater than those of many fruits. This is because they have many more vitamins and nutrients than their fellows.

Bananas have twice more carbohydrates, 5-fold more vitamin A and iron and 3-fold more phosphorus than apples. Potassium, fiber and natural sugar are also rich in bananas.

Vitamin C, potassium and other vitamins and mineral bananas contribute to good health overall.

Since the sugar content of the fruit is balance with fiber, this helps to keep blood glucose healthy. According to the American Diabetes Association, even people with diabetes can enjoy bananas.

This wealth of nutrients makes bananas an integral part of your healthy daily diet.


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