Remove Holi Colors from Skin and Hair.
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6 Tips on How to Remove Holi Colors from Skin and Hair.

Holi, the celebration of colors, is celebrated with great enthusiasm in India and around the world. Use our guide to easily take off the colors. These are the simplest and most effective ways How to remove Holi colors.

Almost every one of us enjoys the festival of colors. Holi without colors, water balloons, pichkari and so on, is just no fun. You can buy natural and organic colors, but others around you may not be so sure of the colors they use. Using Synthetic colors can cause itchy spots and dryness.

We all take precautions before Holi, but in order to save our skin, we don’t know that even getting rid of colors needs to be done safely. Now, post-Holi, pay attention to some aspects so you don’t have to deal with the festival’s aftereffects.

Here is list of tips on How to Remove Holi Colors from Skin and Hair.

1. Hair Care

Rinse your hair with water before using shampoo to allow the additional colors to wash it off. Conditioning your hair is incredibly important to prevent any harm to your scalp. Make a simple hair pack with a few fenugreek (methi) seeds soaked in four tbsp of curd. Apply this kit or egg yolk to your scalp, and after 30 minutes wash your hair with a strong shampoo. A mixture of honey and olive oil can also be used for deep conditioning.

Or else, you can use a natural shampoo or the one made at home to absorb Holi colors. All you need to do is soak the shikakai, reetha and amla, or overnight Indian gooseberry. Boil it in the morning, then strain it. Guys don’t forget to apply your hair with oil before you play Holi. If you do, washing your hair off won’t be a heck of a challenge.

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Another option is, In a cup, whisk three teaspoons of yogurt together with one egg yolk and three tablespoons of lemon juice. When fully mixed, add to the scalp and the lengths of the hair and leave for an hour. Wash the hair back off with shampoo and warm water and you’re sure to find that there are a drop-in streak and dryness.

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2. How to get back your face glow.

Don’t try to scrub the color off with soap. Go for a mild cleanser and a lot of moisturizing creams to follow up. If during the process of removing the Holi colors you experience some skin irritation then take two tbsp of calamine powder and blend it with a few drops of honey and rose water to make a paste. Use this on your skin, then wash it with water and use a moisturizer once it has dried up. You can also use a mix of besan and milk to wash off the color. When you can’t do anything else, simply apply a generous amount of Multani-mitti (Fuller Earth) powder to the whole face and body to rekindle the skin.

Old Tree Multani Mitti (Fuller Earth) Powder
Old Tree Multani Mitti (Fuller Earth) Powder

From oily skin:

Mix two tablespoons of Multani-mitti (Fuller Earth) in glycerine and water to form a paste. Keep it 15 minutes on your face, then wash it off. Alternatively, wash your face with a Multani mitti paste and an orange juice. After a while wash it off to have a color free face.

From normal skin:

Take two masoor daal spoonfuls and mix in one tablespoon of flour. Make a paste by adding a drop of rose water, then haldi. Hold it 10 minutes on your face and wash it off.

Or, In a shallow bowl, mix five spoonfuls of wheat flour with two spoonfuls of lemon juice and water to create a thick paste. Mix well and spread it liberally throughout the Face. Put on for 30 minutes and wash away with hot water. Due to the natural bleaching agents in lemon, this kit will help to greatly reduce stains.

Another option is, Make a paste apply two tablespoons of lemon juice, two tablespoons of honey and water to three tablespoons of oatmeal. Gently massage the paste into the darkened areas of the skin before applying, and quit for 40 minutes. Wash it off with warm water while doing so, and scrub it in a circular motion. While the honey eliminates the scratches, the skin rashes, and dryness of honey and oatmeal end with ease.

3. Glycerine

You are expected to be covered by much dust and dirt when you go out in the open to play Holi. In fact, sometimes the colors will bring itchiness to your skin even if they are herbal ones. All you need to do is blend some glycerin and rose water and add this cool combination anywhere you would like on your face and skin. Rinse the face with lukewarm water after this and you go there!

4. Cleanser

Applying a cleanser to your face is secure and completely effective Given that cleanser is abundant in lemon and aloe vera material, eliminating Holi colors will easily be beneficial. You can even add antiseptic cream to Cetaphil cleansers, and get rid of the colors

5. Be gentle with your body

Through combining well the following ingredients-two tablespoons of wheat bran (choker), one tablespoon of sandalwood paste, one tablespoon of rice flour, with some poppy seeds (khus-khus), a few drops of honey and a mashed tomato, you can use a homemade scrub.

With this, wash your body to remove the colors and bounce back to your sparkling and healthy skin. You can also massage a slice of papaya to get rid of the colors from the face and body. You can use another good body scrub to wash out colors. Mix with curd, besan, orange-peel powder together with light turmeric, a few drops of lemon and olive oil. It helps cleanse the face.

6. Post skincare tips on how to remove Holi colors

Apply a multani mitti face pack every alternating day for the next two weeks to ensure your skin stays soft and supple. Even, do not go for skin treatments such as waxing, threading, facials, or add any other foreign medications on the skin for two or three days following Holi. During Holi, the skin is very sensitive so these therapies will induce an adverse reaction.

Final Tips on how to remove Holi colors:

  • Also, remember to use cold water to wash colors from Holi. The explanation is that hot water makes it even more difficult to quickly wash Holi colors.
  • Remember not to wash your face again and again as it can dry up colors
  • Apply coconut oil to a cotton ball and use it to wash off the colors.
  • In case the above suggestions do not work out, you can also use soaked amchur powder.
  • Do not go right after Holi for beauty or skin procedures like makeup, bleach, hair color. You have to wait at least a week or two before using any harsh chemicals.
  • You can also use the curd and methi seeds powder to add a paste. Use this as a hair mask after  Holi celebrations. This will prevent damage to your hair and keep your hair fed up.

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